Peter Anthony



Realtor  -  since 1973



Auctioneer  -  since 1992





                Over all these years I have worked to help people, like yourself, achieve happiness and reach their goals in the realm of real estate.  I have and will always put my years of experience and expertise to the advantage of the people who choose me to assist them with their decisions.  

                Your goals & happiness are my priority  -  above all others, including myself.  If I believe you are making a decision that may not be in your best interest, I will advise you so  ---  even though it may cost me a commission.  I look at my career as helping people acquire what they want and not trying to sell them what they may not need.

                I pride myself on my biggest difference -- I listen...


Peter Anthony






***  Both  BLACK & WHITE  and EVERY Ethnicity in between  ***