PETER ANTHONY   -   Auctioneer


These are the words you want to hear
especially if you have a lot of items that
you would like to turn into cash quickly!!


PETER ANTHONY AUCTION SERVICES sells anything from real estate to any or all of its contents!  So whether you are liquidating an estate or just making money selling items that you do not want to move to your new home, contact us to see if we can help you!

SPECIAL NOTE: We conduct "on-site" auctions only, meaning we conduct auctions only at the site {location} where the items to be sold are located. We do not operate an "auction house" where items can be transported to us from various locations to be sold at our location. We may open an auction house in the future. If you have a need of these services, we do work with several auctioneers who do operate "auction houses".


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Auctioneer License#  AU003052L